Advantages of Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique

Gum recession is not good for your health. This condition makes an individual to look aged. It also brings sensitivity to temperature changes. The problem may cause someone to look a bit aged and eventually one may experience tooth loss. There are numerous causes of gum recession. Some of this includes gum sickness, the normal aging or brushing the gum too hard. Many folks do not know about their condition till the teeth become sensitive when exposed to cold. Some other people get to notice when they see the appearance of their gums.


In the past, people have been undergoing surgery where tissues are grafted from another area of the mouth. This procedure took a long time to heal. However, there are non-invasive methods that are done today which corrects this situation. There are specific procedures that are carried out to treat gum recession. Phoenix Pinhole Surgical Technique is one of the procedures that is used to correct this problem. Unlike traditional procedures where one had to undergo cuts in the mouth, this procedure only requires a hole to be drawn in your gum. The medical practitioner then inserts a device into the hole which loosens and positions the gum in a suitable way which eventually covers the roots. The procedure takes a short time, and it can be done for different teeth at the same time.


There are multiples advantages of this Phoenix Pinhole Surgical Technique. One does not have to undergo any cutting on the gum. This prevents any infection affecting the gum after the operation. The procedure has an immediate result whereby there is an instant improvement of the smile. The pinhole is tiny which also heals within a short time. Because the procedure only changes the position of the tissues in the gum, no cut is required to graft a piece of flesh within the gum.


There is reduced pain within the gum following this kind of treatment. The procedure is also recommended as the patient can immediately go back to their activities when they have been treated. The treatment is suitable as its results are evident for a long time. The outlook of the gums appears natural. This makes the patients satisfied with their new smiles which boost their self-esteem. You should seek this kind of treatment if you have such a problem. Look for a dental hospital where you can have the best service offered to you. Discover more facts about surgery at